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Coaches Aren’t Exempt from the Golden Rule

download (20)To all you coaches out there, don’t be jerks to your players. They work their butts off most of the time and if they don’t, then handle it but otherwise, talk to them like human beings. In high school sports I had a few coaches yell at me like I was a dog on a near daily basis and to be honest, if I could go back in time I’d probably bust a few of them in the lip. They had no real power over me, but because I wanted to play basketball, I gave it to them. I shouldn’t have.  Continue reading


Summer Time!

So I’ve learned that Marco Polo can be played double blind. What that means is that at least two people are in a pool and, like in tag, one person is “it.” The “it” person says, “Marco” and everyone else in the pool is supposed to say, “Polo.” The sound guides the person who is “it.” But with double-blind Marco Polo, the person who is it closes his eyes along with everyone else in the pool who’s playing. It takes honesty but if played right requires more strategy but will bring more laughter. Sunscreen is still relevant since it appears that massive ball of fire that’s millions of times the size of earth is still cooking along pretty well. Ice cream is still very difficult to resist. And my next book is almost done. Take care!


Find a Veterinarian

This past summer we “rescued” a handsome boxer bulldog. He had been hit by a car and his owner had given him to the vet to be put to sleep saying that they didn’t have time for him anyway. The veterinarian let the owner sign over his rights but then decided he wanted to save the dog rather than put him to sleep. He contacted us and asked if we would like to adopt him. We drove a few hours to where he was and instantly feel in love with this gentle but strong animal.  Continue reading


Don’t Like Airport Body Scanners? Get Your Own Jetpack!

Jetpacks! Yes, they’re here! From James Bond to “G.I. Joe” to The Rocketeer we’ve been waiting for our own jetpack to take us into the air like a bird or even better, Superman. And it’s finally here thanks to the Martin Aircraft Company.

And for only $100,000 you too can fly over the suckers in a traffic jam and avoid the choice between being groped or providing a peep show to get on an airplane. No more buying flight tickets, just strap your jetpack on and go when you’re ready. Want a bird’s eye view of the world? Well the dream is here. Continue reading


Nervousness, Success and Jack Nicklaus

I remember in college when I was preparing for my first golf tournament my golf coach told me that I needed to expect to be extremely nervous. He said that if I knew it was coming it would be easier to deal with. He was right about both claims. I was nervous before my first college golf tournament. Big time! But he was also right when he said that it would be better for me if I anticipated that I would feel nervous.  Continue reading


Another Day Older

My little boy started kindergarten today.

I still remember my first day of kindergarten, though it’s much more foggy in my mind than today.

Last week he and I were in a music video that will be out soon and is by a wonderful singer and song writer.

I would share her name, but I’m not sure she would want me to before the video is out.

When it is out, I’ll have it here with a link to her website because I have really come to appreciate her music. (Update, see the Turpentine video by Brandi Carlile)

My little boy was a little me in the video.

A little girl portrayed the younger version of the artist performing the song.

They played together and pretended to be us in flashbacks.

I remember thinking to myself, “When did I stop being the little version of me?”

Adults used to tell me that time flies but it never did when we were driving to grandpa’s or waiting on our pizza.

Time has a sneaky way of only flying by when you look back at it.

This morning as I kissed him on the cheek and walked backwards from his new classroom where his teacher was getting started and hinting that it’s time for parents to leave I began saying to myself, “He’s just another day older. It’s just one day.”

But one day, as with time, only becomes months and years when you look back on it.

This is one day that I will remember when he turns ten….or sixteen.

When he pulls in the driveway with his music blaring or when he has his first girlfriend, I’ll remember when I kissed his cheek as I left him to the care of his kindergarten teacher.

As a close mentor once told me, I don’t trust anyone. I’ve come to see that is true.

I don’t like other people driving my car, using my laptop or wearing my clothes.

And yet I entrusted my most valuable posession to someone I hardly know.

That’s another thing about time.

A baby step is just a baby step until you look at it from a later date.

Funny…I remember when he took his first baby step.

Ok, have to stop writing now.


Burned Out

Note: This post was on my myspace blog and written during a work day a few weeks back.

Yesterday I read about a college football player who quit his team. He was a highly sought after player coming out of high school and had the elite programs recruiting him. As a freshmen, he saw time on the field and made some amazing hits.  Continue reading