A Blank Cookbook

I want to let you know about the perfect product for anyone who prepares food for anyone – even themselves. It’s a blank cookbook and yes, if you buy one, I get a piece of the action because I’m putting a link on my blog. 

The principle is fairly simple but that’s what makes it profound. Rather than dig through cookbooks full of other people’s recipes for the one that you like, you can use “The Blank Cookbook” to store your favorite recipes and easily find them when you need to. No calling mom (sorry mom) to find out if you need half a cup of sugar or two (sorry Dr. Atkins). No guessing. You get to have a cookbook full of your own favorite recipes instead of the favorites of Paula Deen or the guy who yells “Bam!”

It’s also a way for us to store the recipes of loved ones. Like grandpa’s favorite casserole or uncle Pete’s potato salad. And it is a great family resource that allows future generations to enjoy the recipes that brought us together.

So it’s a pretty simple principle, but valuable. The book is laid out to help you store the information you need – even the family memories part. So surely you can see how this would make a great gift for a bachelor or a seasoned chef (and, yes, I realize a bachelor could be a seasoned chef).

So if you want to buy it on Amazon, here’s the link.

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