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Who Invented Cool Kids?

Lee Wilson invented that group at schools known as the “cool kids” in 1994. He realized that he was one of a select few who recognized what being cool was all about so Lee decided that this collection of minds should meet daily away from the watchful eyes of teachers and principals. Therefore he dubbed what is to this day called “the cool table.”  Continue reading


Mark Driscoll Goes After Twilight

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were told the Harry Potter books and movies were going to turn children into witches and warlocks. Mark Driscoll, pastor of the Mars Hill Church, recently went off on the Twilight Saga’s story, success and its fans on his church website. He called Twilight “porn” for teenage girls.

I don’t think he did himself any favors among the masses and, though I like Mark, I think he went overboard and hasn’t actually read the Twilight saga enough to be slamming it the way that he is and making the accusations that he makes. Read More…


Principal Sends Fifth Graders to Kill Copperhead

This really happened. I’m not exaggerating and whatever quotes I make are exactly as I remember them.

A dry Arkansas summer hadn’t yet given up the ghost as my fifth-grade year of school headed into late September. My class and I, along with the two classes below us, were enjoying recess without enough testosterone in our bodies to make us think twice about the sweat that caused our tee shirts to stick to our skin.  Continue reading