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Coach Lee Wilson on The Today Show

Coach Lee Wilson on The Today Show

A bit of a blast from the past here when Coach Lee was on The Today Show in Australia. Though the interview was serious, I couldn’t help but laugh when the interviewers of Today as they interviewed me on getting and ex back and re-attraction.

Though The Today Show is headquartered in America, you can’t help but notice the cool Australian accents of my interviewers.

Here is the transcript of this interview clip:

Interviewer 1: I want to get specific here Lee, you have found that there is one common mistake that people make when they’re trying to get back with an ex. What is it?

Lee Wilson: It’s desperation. Panic. Because what happens when you do that, you end up begging for mercy because you feel they have the power, right? They have the power, they have the control and you only have the loss. And when you only have the loss and the other person has the power, all you can do is beg for mercy and so that’s the only thing we know to do and so people beg and plead for this person, ‘Love me again, take me back,” and if the other person isn’t motivated, it’s just silliness. It’s not going to be effective and sometimes they might take you back because they feel sorry for you for a day or two but then they resent you more – and then they get mean. When people panic…

Interviewer 2: Yeah and as the power and balance happens in the relationship – so what are your top strategies then? Say someone’s at home watching this now, they miss their ex, they want to reunite with their former partner, let’s start with your top strategies.

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