My Body Is On A Different Frequency (Really)

There’s something different about me.

No, something else.

I’ve had a lot of watches in my life that have only lasted a few months.

The battery would just run down far ahead of its expectancy.

I mentioned that tidbit to a watch mechanic and he had something interesting to tell me as to why that might be the case. 

According to him, it was possible that my body operated on a different frequency than

My pal Russell and I have different frequencies…but that’s okay, he’s still my buddy.

most people’s. The frequency emitting from my body, over time, has been doing something like “shorting out” watch batteries.

He suggested I get a mechanical watch.

It’s a watch that, rather than run on battery power, is wound up.

So a few days ago I ordered one of these watches.

It’s one of the best looking watches I’ve ever owned and doesn’t require a battery.

I just give it about a dozen winds every two or three days and it keeps running.

The design of the watch allows me to see the inner workings through the face which is a pretty cool thing to see.

It’s an ingenious little device.

So not only will my unique body frequency not run down a battery, there’s never a need to even buy a replacement battery after the normal battery-life expectancy.

Me and these friends…who will remain unnamed, have different frequencies…and that’s okay too.

I’ve been wondering what else is affected by my body’s unique frequency.

I recently had a doctor’s appointment with a complete physical.

I ran on the treadmill, had a blood test, blood pressure, EKG, lung capacity test and another test or two.

The doctor said I was in the body of a 22 year old.

In fact, he said that a 19 year old man had been in for the same physical and couldn’t even last 4 minutes on the treadmill whereas I made it the entire time, which he said was rare, and even did an extra minute as his request.

I still didn’t hit “maximum heart rate,” which he said meant that my body was so healthy that my heart was never under stress or trauma.

The 19 year old had been sent for additional scans and likely had developed heart problems.

Maybe my frequency gives me good health and keeps me younger longer.

I guess you could say my inner watch is slow. If that’s the case, I hope it stays that way.

I like being a kid who also gets to be a man (and a man who also gets to be a kid).


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  1. OMG, that’s crazy. I don’t wear watches. That’s great you did so good on the treadmill and physical! Now please, please, please, please finish the second Last Hybrid!

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