Internet Marketing Services

Lee is an Internet marketing consultant and PR service provider. He is a search-engine ranking specialist who has consulted with local and international businesses, national political campaigns, medical groups, television and radio shows, Grammy-winning film production companies, universities, NFL quarterbacks, bands, local businesses, and other organizations who want to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic to their websites.

He teaches others to do SEO (search engine optimization) and Internet marketing through Net Traffic Academy and provides his service through his company, Ace Local SEO.

Lee started building websites (a service his company still provides) and doing search engine optimization (SEO) in 1996 which was before Google even existed. He learned how search engines worked and has been using that knowledge for his own websites and business ventures as well as to help his clients achieve their desired results. He prides himself on working within Google’s guidelines to improve a website itself in order to rank highly for related keywords.

If you would like to consult with Lee on Internet marketing for your company/organization, contact bookLee *at* If you’d like to learn how to do Internet marketing yourself, visit Net Traffic Academy. Many are surprised how simply having the ability to follow instructions can provide great SEO results for their websites and online promotional efforts. Just like with anything else, learning happens one step at a time and before you know it, you know what you’re doing!

To schedule Lee for a consultation by phone or in person, or to schedule him to speak to your workshop/event, email bookLee \AT/