Getting Ex Back

6 Secrets to Getting Back Together With an Ex


Your ex is gone. The breakup feels like a mistake. Can you get back together?

It’s something a lot of guys have wondered about at some point or another. Google the phrase “how to get your ex back,” and you’ll find more than 3 billion search results.

But before you try to reunite, consider this: Do you really want your ex back, or are you just lonely? Or bored?

If either applies, please don’t be that dude texting “WYD” when you have no real plans to make an effort.

Also consider whether you want to reconnect because of pride or to get a win. “Most of us are taught from the time we were little boys [to] win, get the prize, outwork the other guy, do whatever it takes to get this target, this prize,” explains relationship coach Lee Wilson. “And sometimes that mindset goes into a relationship.”

The thought of “losing” can make you crave an ex and make them seem more attractive than they would otherwise. If you know deep down they’re not really a match, it might be better to let them go.

One more note: If there was any kind of abuse, or if you broke up due to issues like an undiagnosed mental health concern or addiction, now is likely not the time to try to get back together.

These issues can require individual attention and professional help.

All that said, if you see a real future, and you’re willing to work for a better round two, put this expert-approved plan in play.

Take responsibility for your part in the breakup.

Do you know what you did wrong? Have you grown since then?

Answer these questions for yourself. If you’re still in the “My ex is so crazy and it’s all their fault” phase, you’re probably not ready to reconcile.

If you made mistakes and want to get back together, “you’ve got to show remorse,” Wilson adds. FULL Men’s Health Interview with Coach Lee Wilson

Will my ex come back

Will Your Ex Come Back?

In this video, Coach Lee answers the question, “Will my ex come back?”

Though no one say for sure, there are some actions and other clues that can help you determine if the odds are strong or not for your ex to come back to you.

If you are wondering if your ex will come back and want to get back together at some point, watch this video all the way through.

Does the no contact rule work for marriage

Does No Contact Work For Marriage?

Does the No Contact Rule work for marriages who are separated or where one spouse wants a divorce?

Can you save your marriage with the No Contact Rule?

In the video above and this post relationship expert Coach Lee discusses whether the No Contact Rule can help marriages that are in danger of divorce or separation (or are already separated). Continue reading

Intelligent contact

Intelligent Contact To Get An Ex Back When You Have Children Together

In this video, Coach Lee explains the Strategic Contact Rule and how it is different from the No Contact Rule.

It’s the smart way to use the No Contact Rule if you have children with your ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, or separated spouse.

Basically, it’s where you still apply the general intent of the No Contact Rule in that you don’t initiate contact with your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse if at all possible.

Interview with a dumper

Interview With A Dumper

Note Before You Watch! The answers provided are REAL but they are READ.

These are NOT live interviews. It was better for these two dumpers to write out their answers and then read them so that they were deliberate about what they shared and felt good about their answers after giving it some thought. Continue reading

Virtual dating tips

3 Important Tips For Virtual Dating

I’d like to thank The List TV for having me on their show. The video turned out great! -Coach Lee

During the lock downs that most people experienced, a lot of people turned to virtual dating since restaurants, movie theaters, and coffee shops were forced to close their doors.

Dating with Facetime, Zoom, Skype or whatever other similar services that can be used for video/virtual dating provides a much more personal touch when compared to messages on an app or website.

It’s even far superior to live chat, but that part is pretty obvious.

A lot of how one could approach virtual dating to have best results revolves around three things:

  • Conversation skills
  • Etiquette
  • Presentation

Conversation Skills

Though I cover this in the video, the basics are that video/virtual dating highlights your ability to carry a conversation.

It’s important to come across well.

To be attractive, interesting, and fun.

Having a pre-written list of things to talk about, stories to tell, questions to ask, etc. can be a terrific thing.

Over time, you can add to that list or remove what doesn’t work.


Though it might seem obvious to most, being a dating coach I hear a lot of interesting (and slightly disturbing stories) of awkward actions on dates and that includes virtual dates.

As I mention in the video above, I’ve heard stories of people seeming distracted by others in the room, eating (when they were the only one), and even using a tooth pick (she had eaten prior to the date and had things stuck in her teeth – needless to say, he didn’t want another virtual date).

Reading a book on etiquette or ask close friends about your own.


Get your lighting right. If the date is at night with no natural light able to come through a window, you need to have another source of lighting.

Ring lights work well and aren’t expensive.

At least take a look at how you appear no screen before the date because you want to be able to highlight your face without looking like you are in a horror flick.

Coach Lee is a relationship coach with twenty years of experience. He is the developer of the Emergency Breakup Kit and the Emergency Marriage Kit.


Divorce during coronavirus: Will splits soar after pandemic quarantines end?

Nashville, Tennessee, relationship coach Lee Wilson thought it was odd when one of his clients recently asked to meet with him at a golf course. Once he got there, he understood why: His client had already called a divorce lawyer. “He said, ‘I had to get away from her.’ ”

Just another couple driven to divorce amid quarantine tensions? Yes and no. “I knew they were already having trouble,” says Wilson, but being locked down together by COVID-19 made it worse.

“If a couple is having trouble, most of their interactions will be neutral or negative. But now (tension) is constant and in their face and they’re not able to have their typical routines, like doing their own things,” says Lee, a couples coach for 20 years and founder of myexbackcoach.com, which offers online courses, videos and products such as “emergency breakup kits.”

Count this as another in a long list of negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic: It has the potential to send America’s divorce rate – already embarrassing at nearly 50% – even higher once divorce courts are fully open again.

The now-familiar stresses of quarantine – money worries, boredom, lack of escape from each other, conflicts over the kids, conflicts over chores, lack of exercise – are forcing many couples to reconsider how they really feel about their partners, say lawyers and marriage counselors.

Even divorcing celebrities are feeling the COVID-19 effect: When Mary-Kate Olsen sought an emergency divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy in New York City, she was turned away because it wasn’t deemed an “essential” matter in New York’s pandemic-closed courts. …full story


3 Reasons Peter’s Feelings For Madison Are Escalating After Part 1 Of The Bachelor Finale

It seems easy for Peter to pick Hannah Ann at this point.

He clearly feels strongly about her, even admitting to ‘love at first sight.’

His parents have stated that they prefer her as well with his mother turning to tears and Madison leaving or “surrendering” to use her words.

It seems to be easy for him in that he doesn’t even have to tell either one of them ‘no.’

Peter and Hannah Ann can simply ride off into the sunset.

It’s easy. Almost too easy. And that could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for Madison. Continue reading