Coach Lee

Coach Lee’s organization provides powerful workshops that invoke change, healing, and renewal. See the information below about both workshops.

Relationship Reignite (also Marriage Reignite)

This LIVE online workshop is Relationship Reignite (and is also known as Marriage Reignite). It is a powerful turn-around workshop for couples and individuals who are married or in serious relationships that are in danger of ending due to anger, lies, affairs, loss of feelings, limerence for another person, and/or sexual unfulfillment. It is 3 total days/sessions with a live Q and A provided by professional marriage consultants. Once registration is full, it’s full. Schedule a time below to discuss if the workshop is right for you!

Relationship Coach Training and Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a relationship coach or are wondering how you can become a relationship coach?

Or are already sure that’s what you want to do? Or maybe you want to become a coach but want/need to work on your own relationship first. Our training does both!

So if you fit either of those categories, it makes sense to be trained by one of the top coaches in the industry in order to bring credibility and trust to your name or company.

Being trained by Coach Lee in relationship dynamics and in reuniting relationships is significant, but learning how to interact with people as their coach is an extremely valuable and marketable skill to have as well!

This training workshop also includes advanced training on bringing traffic to your website, growing your YouTube channel, and other powerful stratigies to fill up your schedule with paying clients!

The first step is to discuss whether coaching training is right for you with a trusted member of Coach Lee’s staff. You can get on his calendar for a 15 minute discussion below: Notethis call is NOT for seeking relationship advice. For that, you may book a coaching session with one of Coach Lee’s coaches here.