You MUST See These 22,000 Dominoes Fall!

Youtube user¬†Hevesh5¬†is a professional domino artist. It sounds like maybe the most underrated profession ever, and his 200,000 channel subscribers say that he’s darn good at what he does. To celebrate such a high number of followers, he posted an amazing domino pattern using 22,000 dominoes that took him 25 hours over the course of five days to build! It was a lot of work, but watching it fall is one of the most hypnotizing things I’ve ever seen. Take a look:

In a lot of ways dominoes falling can represent life. Little things we do today can eventually result in the final domino falling to accomplish something. You practice something, meet someone, resist dessert, or finish another mundane day of doing something you don’t find especially fun, but it only takes one action to set in motion the dominoes falling toward your goal. So there you go, another deep thought from Lee Wilson. Please share this post using the buttons below.