Find a Veterinarian

This past summer we “rescued” a handsome boxer bulldog. He had been hit by a car and his owner had given him to the vet to be put to sleep saying that they didn’t have time for him anyway. The veterinarian let the owner sign over his rights but then decided he wanted to save the dog rather than put him to sleep. He contacted us and asked if we would like to adopt him. We drove a few hours to where he was and instantly feel in love with this gentle but strong animal. 

A few months later his life was again saved by a veterinarian. His stiched area began to get severly infected. He began to swell in his chest to the point that we took him to the local veterinary hosptial. The doctor seemed torn over whether he should go with surgery or antibiotics. He told us that the amount of anesthesia that would have to be given to our dog could kill him because they have to give him a lot to keep him from hurting and this type of surgery would be extremely difficult because a flap of skin had grown over the stiching. He decided on the antibiotics but warned us that the infection could come back after the dose. It did and he prescribed another round. This time the infection stayed away. A nutrition and health expert we know who is exceptionally good with animals told us that the anesthesia likely would have killed him and applauded what the veterinarian did.

So if you love your animal, make sure he/she is checked up on by a good veterinarian. Here’s a website where you can find a veterinarian.