Jet Packs Part 2 Jetlev R200

Last November I blogged about a real-life jet pack and I was pretty excited about it even though it was actually very large and was more like a small plane. I mean, really you certainly couldn’t wear it on your back like a backpack as we’ve seen in James Bond movies. It was more like a personal plane without the protection of any covering or a parachute. 

The reason it had to be that big is because of the fuel paradox or conundrum. Basically, a jet pack that runs on fuel like gas or oil would have to be very large in order to actually carry its own fuel. And that extra weight would need more fuel which would add its own extra weight. So the small ones were out of the question.

But now there’s another jet pack called the Jetlev R200 that’s a lot smaller and much more lightweight. It looks a lot like the ones in James Bond movies. The only catch is that you can only use it over water and it has a long pipe coming out of the back of it that goes into the water. It sucks the water in and uses it for propulsion and can get up to 22 miles per hour. I think it’s very cool and can certainly see a market for it as entertainment on the water – like a jet ski that flies! But if you’re not over water, you can’t fly. Here’s a quick video on it:

If you’re really afraid to fly or don’t like the TSA body inspections I guess you could use this for international flights over oceans but at 22 miles per hour that would be a really long trip and you’re done for if a storm or hurricane comes up. So even though the two jet packs that are out are pretty cool, I’m still waiting on one that I can carry on my back and use to fly whenever I want. But if you want to get me a Jetlev R200 for Christmas or my birthday, I’ll be one happy boy!

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