Oh The Meetings We Can Have!

(I wrote this back when I was in sales and frustrated by how many meetings we had instead of doing what actually brought in money)
We sit and sip our coffee at our meeting of the day
We act as though our business lives on what we have to say
The phones may be ringing and the emails coming in
But we’ve got more important matters to which we must attend

We’ll talk about our plans and what the work day “means to me”
We’ll share our frustrations about how others fail to see
We’ll repeat what we’ve said just to make it crystal clear
and then we’ll all choose to pretend the meeting’s end is near
But we’ll sit there discussing this and that for at least another hour
We’ll hear the same things all again not worried they’ll go sour
Voices will “contribute” to this maddening love of chime
From those who get their paychecks only based upon their time
We’ll say we must reinvent ourselves or we’ll be left behind
We’ve got to learn what we’re all about in just the nick of time
We won’t plant any seeds, but will obsess about the kind
And when we have nothing to grow the blame will be assigned
So sales are down because we’ve talked rather than get to work
Of course you know we’ll meet for that and all appear berserk
And self-appointed business men will tell us what went wrong
But none will have the guts to say, “Our dang meetings took too long!”