The God of Deep Space

Here’s a deep space picture that has made it’s way around the Internet. The picture was taken with the Hubble Telescope and it fascinates me like other things having to do with outer space.

Take a look:
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Those bright things that look like stars are actually galaxies. There are thousands of them in this picture alone. Those galaxies contain billions of stars and with many of those stars there are solar systems like ours. Makes you feel kind of small doesn’t it? 

You see, the Hubble Telescope, if it could see farther than this picture, it could look into those galaxies to the solar systems and then see the planets, moons and stars. The space between those galaxies makes it look like they are very close to each other but that is certainly not the case. They are thousands, millions or billions of light years away from each other or more! And light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second meaning that in just one year, light travels nearly six trillion miles!

It’s astonishing that the universe is so colossally enormous. There’s really not a word to do it justice or convey the message. And we’ve only scratched the surface.

The universe contains an unthinkably high amount of matter and energy to simply spring from nothing as some choose to believe. It’s a fairy tale to think it all came from nothing! Because what comes from nothingness is nothing. That is…without a supernatural power.

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