Would You Take This Trip?

You have probably heard that a group of scientists are planning to send a select group of people to Mars to colonize it. The mission, called Mars One, will establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2025. The committee is taking applications from people interested in moving to Mars in 2025. For real! 

I’m sure someone will claim discrimination, but they are selecting people based on health, age, intelligence, and reproductive ability (and if they’re flipping the bill then they have the right to send whoever the heck they want). They’ll have an optimal number of fertile Adams and Eves to make babies so that humans can be fruitful and multiply on Mars. Life will be pretty different because the native martian children (epic bragging rights) will be expected to also be fruitful and multiply quickly or else humans could die off of Mars within a few generations (the U.S. is actually behind in terms of reproducing itself and so is Europe but the population is large enough now that no one notices).

There’s a lot to consider because you’d be expected to father or mother children not based on loving the person you’re mating with but based on your agreement to populate the planet. That’s assuming you get their safely and that food can be grown as planned. I think they also want to plant trees and grasses to see if an ozone layer could be developed on the planet.

So it’s a hugely big plan! Dangerous, wild, pioneering and historic to put it mildly. If people didn’t depend on me and if they could promise me a golf course on Mars I might consider applying. But who could say bye to Mom, dad, friends and earth like that? Could you? I mean really and truly, would you sign up for a one-way ticket to another planet to live with less than 20 or 30 people (and only slightly more at best) for the rest of your life? Would you be excited or freaking out when the rocket blasted off and you looked back on the green of earth for the last time? Please, tell me in the comments if you really would want to do this or if it’s just a novelty idea that is entertaining to think about? And if so, why? Do you hate your life on earth? Would it be for a new start? COMMENT below and share for others to discuss.