A Few Updates

I’m being a good example today because I don’t want to blog right now. I’m not in a writing mood. But I get on my clients about letting a blog or website get stale, so here I am. I’m going to share a few updates on myself and some projects including The Last Hybrid.Β 

Those of you who have emailed me or contacting me on social media reminding me that the sequel to The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels is late, I hear you. Some of you I’ve heard from several times and you are correct, it is late. In addition to editing another book (short stories about vampires – I’ll post here when it’s ready), I’ve been working on other things that are concluding. So I am happy to report that I have begun work again on the sequel. It’s fairly well developed so far in fact.

I appreciate emails from those of you who care about the book and the ongoing story. It means a lot that a sequel is wanted and I plan on providing that.

My course on SEO and Internet marketing is close to being completed. I’m not holding anything back in it because I am not under contract any longer to keep my methods confidential. I used to protect my techniques so that I didn’t educate my competition but I’m not going to do that any longer. If there are people out there who want to use my own techniques against me in niches where my businesses work, have at me. I’ll post here when the course is ready.

For those of you who ask about my dog, who shall remain nameless in the interwebs,Β he’s fine after a fall down the stairs a couple of days ago. He’s a good boy and a trusted friend.

That’s it for now. Keep your chin up. -Lee

P.S. – ThankΒ youfor the encouraging comments some of you left in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. So glad to hear this! I have been checking Amazon for the sequel off and on. Can’t wait to see what happens. Please hurry Lee! Thanks for the update!

  2. I couldn’t help but feel a tad guilty since I’m one of those random fans who posted comments on Lee’s FB page about this. But seriously…maybe it paid off! I am taking credit for the TLH sequel coming out sooner than otherwise. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. So no date on the release? Maybe a ball park date/month? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to hear the sequel is on, I just would like to have an idea when so I can anticipate at the right time instead of being disappointed if it takes longer than I’m thinking. Sorry and thanks Lee!

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