How to get my ex back

How To Get Your Ex Back

In this video I explain how you can get your ex back after a breakup.

Often your first instincts are wrong and it’s important to have a time-tested plan moving forward.

My optimism on people getting their ex back is not because I’m a “pie-in-the-sky” type of guy.

It’s because I’ve seen so many success stories that now I expect most cases to work out if my strategy is followed.

The bottom line is that if you two had a good relationship, if there was chemistry, if you enjoyed each other, and if you didn’t respond too poorly to the breakup, your odds are good to get your ex back.

If you responded poorly to the breakup but had those other positives, your odds are not as good as the example above, but they still are solid.

Be sure to watch my video all the way through to give yourself a strong understanding of the most effective principles so that you have the best chance possible of getting your ex back.

I talk about more details like this in my Emergency Breakup Kit, including how to handle requests for meet ups, what to do when you see them face to face, whether or not you should suggest it, etc.

Coach Lee
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