“The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels” Best-Seller Status

It’s been launch week for my novel, “The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels.” The book hit the Amazon best-seller list at #7 on the first official day of its launch and reached #3 on day two!

My first thought was, “That was fast!” I’m also beyond thrilled that it’s already a best-seller in multiple categories including the “Teen Horror” category! That’s funny because I wouldn’t call the book “horror.” It has dark angels who are dubbed “vampires” by the humans in the book and they do kill some people. I guess that’s somewhat horrific. So I suppose it makes sense, but the book was first labeled a “paranormal romance.”

It also made the best-seller list for the “Vampire Romance” and “Dark Fantasy” categories so I’m super excited about that. Several people have asked me if I was expecting this. Well, as we so often say, “yes” and “no.”

I liked to entertain the idea that I’d be a best-selling author (what author doesn’t?) and that The Last Hybrid would be the book to take me there. That’s part of the reason the book took me five years – because entertaining the idea caused me to be a perfectionist about it. And it was part of what drove me to finish. But did I think that the book would be a best seller in week one? I don’t remember to be perfectly honest. Not to be cliche, because I hate that, but it’s all kind of surreal right now. I’m looking at the numbers and what other books mine is sharing company with and it’s difficult to find the words.

I didn’t make great grades in high school until my senior year, but, again to be honest, that was because I didn’t apply myself. I likely wouldn’t have been very high on the list of “Likely To Become A Best-Selling Writer.” So I take all of this with a bit of a humble smirk on my face.

I’m very grateful to my friends and fans who bought the book and shared it with others. This wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you very much! You can order the book in Paperback, Kindle and Nook.

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