Trailer for “The Last Hybrid” Enhanced E-Book

This has been a long time coming, or at least it seems that way. The e-book of my novel, The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels will be re-released as a Film-Enhanced E-book. What does that mean? Until now, electronic novels have not contained what modern e-readers and tablets have had the capacity to provide – videos within the content of an e-book.

This new kind of book combines film and literature so that audiences can choose to read parts of the book and watch others. I selected scenes from the book and those scenes were filmed with a professional cast and crew. The scenes are embedded into the e-book to allow readers to see characters and scenes come to life while also getting a feel of the setting along with hearing music that influenced me.

The filmed scenes of the e-book were shot in Spring Hill, Tennessee and north Alabama, and the project is set to release this month on Kindle. The trailer is below.

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