What Is Your Plan?

People often ask me if I were “starting over,” without any websites or marketing/consulting clients, what I would do.

The answer might surprise you.

A lot of people seem to think I have some magic tricks, or as some of you literally call it repeatedly, “Voo Doo,” that I’d use to build my income back over night.

While I do have some “tricks,” and they should be called “strategies” instead, people are often surprised when I say that those techniques wouldn’t be my main plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d certainly use them aggressively, but here’s a little tidbit that might surprise you.

Some of those techniques cost money.

I get emails and messages wanting to know how someone can make lots of money by building and marketing a website (or several).

While there are certainly free techniques that I use and earn income on, some of them cost money.

Simply building a website costs money in buying the domain name, acquiring hosting, and then you need to hire someone to build it unless you build it yourself.

So the first thing I’d do is GET A JOB.

I’d wait tables, stock shelves, and do other things you might not imagine me doing.

If I had no Internet marketing skills I’d try to get a lower level job with an SEO firm.

Then I’d learn all I could and use the income to get some websites going.

I’d dedicate an hour or two a night on them and probably 16-20 hours on the weekend.

Don’t want to work that much?

Then you don’t understand what it takes.

Some of you won’t like this, but there is no magic button to push that automatically gives you a six-figure income and large chunks of free time.

It takes a lot of work and a lot of planning.

Maybe the truth is not kind, but it is true.

Don’t allow yourself to make excuses and get going.

It won’t happen over night, but if you quit it won’t ever happen!