Who Invented Cool Kids?

Lee Wilson invented that group at schools known as the “cool kids” in 1994. He realized that he was one of a select few who recognized what being cool was all about so Lee decided that this collection of minds should meet daily away from the watchful eyes of teachers and principals. Therefore he dubbed what is to this day called “the cool table.” 

The cool table was where the cool kids sat and talked about cool stuff like Nirvana music, The Crow movie and complained about how “lame” the cafeteria’s food was (except for the tater tots).

The cool kids of today have Lee to thank and many have proposed a festival in his honor. Lee has graciously, or should we say, coolly, turned down honors and awards saying that he merely meant for small groups of cool kids to come together and discuss coolness and that talking about it too much was actually kind of uncool. Therefore Lee has proposed that all ck’s everywhere disband from the group and start hanging out with those who haven’t developed their coolness to acceptable levels. “We’re all human after all,” he said. He has also publicly attacked bullying saying that anyone who bullied wasn’t cool and should be immediately removed from any remaining C.K. groups in the world.

Lee also reminds cool kids that even though they think they are the coolest, there are probably lots of people laughing at them because sometimes even ck’s can be cheesy and pretentious.

That is all.