With Only One Hand Zach Hodskins is Basketball Player Extraordinaire

Zach Hodskins is my new favorite basketball player. This guy is amazing and he’s only got one hand! I don’t mean that he’s really good for a guy with just one hand; I mean that he’s incredibly good and as an interesting side note he’s only got one hand! 

He does what the other guys can’t with their two hands. Being a formerly obsessed basketball player, I can feel some of the position he gets in when shooting and can tell that he’s practiced a ton. He’s got this behind the back dribble you’ve got to see in the video below and he made seven three pointers in one game where most of the time he was fouled and it wasn’t called by the referees.

I wish Zach the best and hope to see him playing in college. I think that beyond his obvious talent that the fact he’s only got one hand messes with the heads of opposing defenders. They’re thinking, “He can’t cross over…or can he?” And then once they’ve seen him crossover, they know it’s coming but wonder how they guard against the crossover coming from a guy who has no other hand to crossover to! And by the time they’ve gone on to the next question he pulls up for that quick jumper and swish!

Here’s the video of Zach Hodskins below. You’ll want to forward this one to your friends. Especially to the ones who make lots of excuses in life!

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